diagnosis of stones unenhanced computed tomography [helical (spiral) ct scan] computed tomography (ct) scan has assumed a greater and increasing importance with regard to urolithiasis. Ct scan has the ability to detect radiolucent calculi such as uric acid stones. Unlike ultrasounds, ct scans can image the entire ureter and differentiate among the various causes of ureteral obstruction. viagra 10mg reviews Therefore, both radial opaque and non-opaque stones in the ureter can easily be demonstrated and to identify the cause for ureteral obstruction by ct scan. viagra prices at walmart Ct scan can detect stones as small as 3 mm. does viagra do men yahoo Renal stone. buy viagra cheap Spiral (unenhanced) ct scan demonstrating a right renal stone (yellow arrow). A spiral or helical ct has gained widespread acceptance at numerous institutions as becoming the imaging modality of choice for studying patients with suspected urinary calculi. Advantages of spiral ct the rapid speed, accuracy and ability to image the abdomen in a single breathhold. much does 100mg viagra cost Thin section images can be obtained to identify small stones within the urinary tract. Multiplanar reconstructions and three-dimensional reconstruction of the urinary tract can be obtained. order viagra It is more rapidly performed than ivp. The risks of contrast reaction are eliminated by spiral ct. Both radiolucent and radio-opaque stones can be identified on ct. viagra pills The radiation dose is equivalent or less than ivp. It has the potential to aid in the diagnosis of extraurinary causes of acute flank pain. The imaging of the entire genitourinary tract system (including the opposite kidney) can ideally be performed in less than 5 minutes while an ivp requires an average of 80 minutes. Ct does not necessitate the checking of a separate blood test for bun/creatinine level. viagra for sale This avoids further delays while awaiting the completion of lab tests, allowing for more rapid triage of emergency room patients. Allows direct visualization of stones both on axial images and on the scout ct image in a similar fashion to plain radiography. By utilizing computerized mapping techniques, uric acid stones with relatively low attenuation values can be differentiated from struvite and calcium oxalate calculus stones. Can also image adjacent organs. buy generic viagra online Disadvantages for ct scans unable to identify very rare pure matrix stones of mucoprotein and fibrin. Unable to identify crixivan stones (see section on crixivan stones). Does not provide direct physiologic information of the degree of obstruction in patients with kidney stone. Ct does not visualize the collection system to evaluate hematuria. viagra 10mg reviews Spiral ct is time consuming compared to the standard incremental ct in post-processing time required b. sales of viagra