Home about manifestism just another wordpress. Com site « reality vs. Perception: drink up marijuana: a love story october 9, 2012 // 0 i just passed the 10th anniversary of my relationship with mary jane. viagra for sale That’s incorrect, her proper name isâ cannabisâ sativa, but most people know her as marijuana, weed, or, pot. viagra and blood pressure meds After ten years i have learned a lot from my relationship, and i recently came to a inspired realization about its purpose and value in my life and the lives of others: it heals spiritually and emotionally, rather than physically. cheap generic viagra uk online Theâ medicinalâ applicationâ of cannabis is touted as the core reason why cannabis should be legalized, and in many states (18 now! viagra dosage per day ) it is now medically legal and prescribed by doctors. viagra no prescription This allows patients to purchase their prescriptions atâ dispensaries or from care givers, consume their medicine without fear of arrest or confiscation, and in some cases allows patients to legally grow their own supply! viagra and blood pressure meds Wow, seriously?! buy viagra online au Seriously. This might not seem like a big deal, but what it really represents is a large shift inâ consciousnessâ that is going on within the medical community, and most importantly, within you. viagra online The realization comes when you understand the connection between emotional, mental, and physical well being. Without harmonious balance within this tri-force, one becomes unhealthy, either emotionally (mentally), physically, or spiritually. Usually one will lead to theâ degradation of the others, and you are left with a human who cannot meet their full potential because of health related issues. Believe me, i’m not a doctor, or scientist, but i am a person who thinks a lot and considers himself a living experiment by whichâ supplementing my spirit and emotional state with cannabis has been critical. Admit it: life is super fucked up and crazy, and bad shit happens to people all the time. Theseâ unfortunate experiences can lead to a lifetime of emotional imbalance which then leads to spiritual imbalance, and finally physical imbalances that require expensive medical care or the use of prescriptionâ pharmaceutics. buy viagra The secret of medical marijuana is that it allows a person to cope with emotional and mental stress that occurs when someone hasâ traumaticâ experiences. I know this through my own personal experiences, as it has helped me deal with small levels of anxiety and stress that stem fromâ unfortunateâ lifeâ circumstance. To be very honest, without cannabis as a tool for me to relax and internalize, my personal life and relationships would be no where near the quality they are. viagra prescription australia I could have very easily become overwhelmed by the emotional andâ spiritualâ damage that i experience. viagra without prescription generic viagra without a doctor